UEFA Champions League

A memorable brand for the Champions League Final.

The UEFA Champions League Final is one of the most prestigeous and exciting events in the football calendar. We were selected to design the brand identity for the Final in London 2013.

Our job was to create a brand specifically for the Final that complimented the core Champions League brand and responded to London. The brand would be introduced across broadcast platforms from the Round of 16 right up to the Final so it had to be rich in brand elements and character.

Our thinking led us away from clichéd London references and towards a concept that precisely fitted the purpose. The concept is encpasulated by the phrase “Crowning the Kings of Europe”. It references London as the site of royal coronations and Wembley where the winners of the Champions League will be crowned the “Kings of Europe”.

The brand works across all communication materials from match tickets to broadcast, the match ball to stadium and everything in between.