The Welsh FA - History in the making

Following Wales’ successful qualification for UEFA EURO 2016 we pushed the development of our original campaign and massively dialled it up for the tournament in France.

Fans became even more integral to the look and feel. “Together Stronger” took on a life of its own (being regularly heard mentioned by commentators, the manager, pundits and players). Other remarkable things were happening too like “Together Stronger” appearing on flags made by fans and the official Welsh team song “Together Stronger” being recorded by The Manic Street Preachers. “Together Stronger” had arrived. It was now part of the culture of the Welsh team - we are exceptionally proud of that.

Campaign roll out:

- team hotel graphic manifestations

- media centre graphic manifestations

- pre-match animations (starting XI)

- pre-match graphics

- in-match graphics (“GOAL” animations)

- post-match messages

- Cardiff Airport graphic manifestations

- Cardiff town centre graphic manifestations