The Caribbean Football Union Crest

A crest for the Caribbean Football Union created to herald the start of a new era for the organisation.

The Caribbean Football Union is the official governing body of 31 countries of the Caribbean region making it the largest federation within CONCACAF. A change of leadership in 2012 marked a new direction for the organisation and with this came a new set of core values rooted in togetherness, performance and the protection of the game. The new leadership wanted to communicate this fresh beginning with an identity that embodied these values and behaviours and they asked us to help.

Our approach was driven by the requirement to represent the new vision in the crest design and this was the start point for initial thoughts and sketches. Through design development and on-going conversations with our client we drove towards the idea of a ball being held at the centre of the design to convey the idea of the protection of the game.

The colours used in the design were selected for their specific meaning in the Caribbean region:

- Blue: the skies above the islands

- Yellow: sunshine, vibrancy, ebullience

- Red: passion, struggle, and heritage of the Caribbean people

- Greens: landscape of the islands, fertile soil, posterity and growth

- Orange: radiant Caribbean sunshine

- Light Blue: the Caribbean Sea

Through continuing conversations with our client it became clear that we needed to find a way to represent the 31 members that make up the Caribbean Football Union. In the final design these are expressed as 31 stars around the shield and symbolising the protection of the game by all who are united by the Caribbean Football Union.