Together Stronger gets set for Russia 2018

Back in 2014 we worked closely with the Football Association of Wales to create a brand for the Welsh national team that would go on to revolutionise the perception of Welsh football.

Now, over two years on ‘Together Stronger’ has taken on a life of its own (being regularly heard mentioned by commentators, the manager, pundits and players).

Other remarkable things are happening too like ‘Together Stronger’ appearing on flags made by fans and the official Welsh team song ‘Together Stronger’ being recorded by The Manic Street Preachers. ‘Together Stronger’ has arrived. It is now part of the culture of the Welsh team and we are exceptionally proud of that.

Brand origin: It all starts with an idea The success of ‘Together Stronger’ is due to its authentic connection to the philosophy of Welsh football. ‘Gorau Chwarae Cyd Chwarae’ has appeared on the Welsh shirt for over fifty years, it translates directly as ‘Best Play is Team Play’.

We worked with the essence of this motto to find an inspiring positioning that could spearhead the brand and energise everything we did. Pretty quickly we arrived at ‘Together Stronger’. We immediately knew it was right; it was short, it was memorable and it was genuine. Now, no matter what direction we went in to deliver the look and feel for individual campaigns we knew we had a brand DNA that worked for the team, the fans and The Welsh FA.

Where we are now Designroom Sport has created the brand identity for the Welsh FA’s FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018. This work builds on the theme of togetherness established in our identity for the FAW’s UEFA EURO 2016 campaign but the visual expression is entirely different. The host country Russia has provided the start point for a graphic language that echoes a propaganda poster style. We have taken time to find a way to use this inspiration and develop something we can call our own. The players appear in a limited palette of solid colours (as though silk-screened), they are drawn in defiant poses creating an essence of camaraderie. The players are supported by fans, a dragon pattern system and crafted typeface. All of these elements give us a bold design which is a visual departure from the previous campaign but which has the same brand concept at its heart; ‘Together we are stronger’.

“The ‘Together Stronger’ brand has been incredibly successful. It has become a galvanising force for Welsh football and has resonated with everyone; players, fans, press, broadcast, partners and the FAW. We are very excited to launch our new and bold direction for our FIFA World Cup Russia Qualifiers campaign.”

Ian Davis
Head of Commercial and Marketing
The Football Association of Wales