Club Wembley

Crafted brand sophistication for Club Wembley.

Club Wembley is one of the finest ways to experience events within Wembley stadium. Wembley National Stadium Ltd (WNSL) approached us to investigate the Club Wembley brand; was it positioned properly? Was it premium enough? Was it working?

In answer, we attended Club Wembley events and we engaged with Club Wembley members. This was crucial in understanding both the existing market and the target market for such a key revenue generating arm of the FA business. We discovered that there was a disparity between the old brand and the brands that existing members and potential members surrounded themselves with. In summary, it was not premium enough and it did not communicate the exclusivity of the Club Wembley experience. The result of this being that the brand was being overlooked by potential members.

These findings gave us a platform on which to build the creative direction and led to the phrase “The ultimate stadium members’ club” – an aspirational phrase, which fitted with the vision WNSL had for the club. It was important that the new design reflected this new message because, for us design always has a clear purpose and is always geared towards commercial success for our clients.