A philosophy, not just a logo

British Athletics engaged us to create a brand new positioning and visual identity that:

- is representative of British Athletics as a team

- resonates with athletes, fans, broadcasters, coaches and sponsors

- provides ownership, leverage and a consistent approach to branding

- becomes valuable equity aiding conversations with commercial partners

- will become synonymous with British Athletics over time

What we did

Straight away we started looking for an authentic idea that everything would be built on. To create that sense of ‘Team’ we developed a lot of thinking in the space of Unity. Unity in the team, unity with the fans, united in what we are striving to achieve for ourselves, our families, our clubs, our communities, our country.

We picked up on the role of the Union flag in British Athletics, its importance and meaning in the sport; it speaks for all of us, is linked in with success, it is created from separate elements that unite to form the complete picture (emblematic of the British Athletics team - athletes from different disciplines coming together for a single cause).

Whilst all this thinking bubbling away we were also holding creative sessions with staff from right across British Athletics. During one of these the thinking around Unity and Pride was intensively explored and in one moment of magic we found ‘REPRESENT’.

REPRESENT instantly worked. It was different, brief and modern. It said all the things we wanted to say in the way we wanted to say them.

The boldness of REPRESENT set the tone for the visual design system we created to bring this idea to life.

Consistent with our universal approach to branding the creation of a flexible and future-concious design system was top of mind. Also vital was embedding the design drivers behind the REPRESENT concept into the look and feel.

We started experimenting with shapes inspired by geometry of the Union flag. We used its diagonals leading to a natural vanishing point to give us a dynamic supergraphic in which photography of the athletes could live.

We photographed the athletes over a few days’ shooting stills and film. These intensive but fun sessions highlighted what we were aiming to achieve amongst the athletes we were working with. They provided a good opportunity for British Athletics and ourselves to encourage the athletes to put the REPRESENT message out on their social media channels and give us the best start possible.

REPRESENT will be activated through multi-media campaigns at major athletics events starting in the summer of 2017.

“With such a remarkable opportunity for British Athletics over the next three years with four major home Championships, we were looking for a creative agency to enable us to drive our Team message as well as discover a call to action for our fans. After a competitive pitch process, Designroom Sport really stood out as able to get the best out of us as a business and a brand and we are thrilled with the #REPRESENT campaign and what it has achieved so far. It’s proved hugely engaging for both athletes and supporters and we’re excited to see what it can become.”


Brand Manager

British Athletics