a master brand for cricket's newest T20 tournament

"Designroom Sport along with CSM took us through a product and brand building journey that challenged conventional thinking and pushed us towards the exotic and extraordinary! The journey helped us define the uniqueness in our concept and helped in building something truly exotic and exciting; UAE T20x is the result, and I'm sure as we roll it out it will not only stand out, but truly add value to the elite global cricket landscape."

Salman Sarwar Butt, CEO & Co-Founder

Designroom Sport are enormously proud to have been selected by CSM and OPI to create the master brand identity for the UAE T20x – a completely new tournament set to start in the UAE in December 2018.

Starting with immersion workshops at the ICC Academy in Dubai we worked closely with CSM, OPI and key stakeholders to identify the tournament name and create the logo and brand world for this exciting venture.

The concepts driving the logo design are flow and movement with a modern/authentic link back to Arabic calligraphy styles. It is is completely hand-drawn, echoing our desire to create an innovative and unique mark that stands apart from the competition.

Behind the logo is a rich brand world underpinned with a graphic we call the Fuse as well as a wide colour palette. Using the Fuse we have created a dynamic series of images that bring energy and colour to all UAE T20x communications and is the foundation for all brand assets across broadcast, web and print channels.

The UAE T20x identity launched in August 2018 with the inaugural season set to run from December 2018 - January 2019.